Wednesday, January 12, 2011


This morning I wrote the check and sealed the envelope - I'm committed to taking the appraiser exam in April in Paducah. I had already done the important things - study, get my application excepted, and get a hotel reservation! But sending in the check for the test fee was sort of a line in the sand moment....

Also this month I am doing a presentation to the Aiken Town and Country Club's antique group. Should be fun. I am wavering between doing the talk on the history of quilts or on collecting quilts. I need to call the coordinator and check with her....My Dh surprised me this month with the "promise" of two quilts. I had seen them posted on an auction house website but I had an earlier commitment for that day so wasn't able to go to the auction. I am hesitant about buying from non-quilt dealers sight unseen...however he did a phone bid and was able to get them really reasonably. The photo above is one of the quilts...I love orphan blocks and when they are made into a quilt it just gives you so much to look at!

Now the auction house that we bought them from only occasionally has quilts on the block. Generally I find I get better prices at those types of auctions but that type of auction isn't useful to me in developing valuations for quilts. To do that I have to stick with auctions that publicize that quilts are for sale and/or carry them on a frequent basis.


  1. love this quilt! crossing fingers now for your exam - you're going to do fabulously!

  2. Oh good luck on your exam! Wish I would be at Paducah this year, but I"m not too sad - I'll be on my trip to Australia!

  3. Good luck on your exam. Getting certified as an appraiser is something I would love to commit myself to doing.